Certified Sustainability

Evolution goes through circular sustainability. Respecting human integrity and life on our planet. At Matias & Araújo we are committed to creating new products, with maximum quality and innovation, following 360 methodologies, with total transparency and responsible professional conduct.

Higg Facility Social & Labor Module

Higg FSLM, certifies our respect for all humans, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or sexuality, inside and outside our company. Applying the best labor practices, with all our employees, customers and partners.

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Higg Facility Environmental Module

Higg FEM, assesses and certifies the sustainability of our facilities and their environmental performance, in matters such as energy and water use, waste water control, pollutant gas emissions, waste management or chemical management.

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Responsible Wool Standard

In 2021 Matias & Araújo obtained authorization to use the Responsible Wool Standard certificate. This certification aims to guarantee all the transparency and sustainability of the production and origin of the wool used in our products.

For the product to be labeled, the wool must be 100% certified, thus managing to promote improvements in the sector, both in animal care and in land handling.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

In 2003 Matias & Araújo was authorized to use the Oeko-tex Standard 100 eco-label for knits with unbleached yarns and dyed yarns.

Certified products comply with the human ecology requirements of the Class I Baby Goods Standard and the applicable European legislation regarding the use of azo dyes.

Oeko-Tex ST100 - OrganicsOeko-Tex ST100 - Recycled

Organic Content Standard

In 2021, Matias & Araújo obtained authorization to use the Organic Content Standard and Organic Blended Content Standard eco-labels.

The Organic Content Standard seal applies to products that contain between 95-100% organic material. It verifies the presence and quantity of organic material in and traces the raw material from its origin to the final product.

The Organic Blended Content Standard seal follows the same criteria, with the distinction of certifying products that contain 5 to 100% organic material.

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Recycled Claim Standard

The objective of RCS is to increase the use of recycled materials, applying to any product that contains less than 5% recycled material.

Each stage of production must be certified, starting with the recycling stage and ending with the last seller in the final transaction between companies. The RCS does not address social or environmental aspects of processing and manufacturing, quality or legal compliance.

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Masters of Linen

In 2021, Matias & Araújo obtained authorization to use the Masters of Linen certificate, a sign of excellence for 100% Made in EUROPE linen, from cultivation to the final product.

This certificate guarantees production at the highest level of environmental and social sustainability in the cultivation and production of flax in Europe. Promoting biodegradability, low carbon footprint and GMO-free cultivation.

Global Recycled Standard

In January 2019 Matias & Araújo was authorized to use the Global Recycled Standard certificate, intended for use with any product containing at least 20% recycled material.

Each stage of production must be certified, starting at the recycling stage and ending at the last seller in the final B2B transaction. Material collection and material concentration sites are subject to self-declaration, document collection and site visits.

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Global Organic Textile Standard

In January 2018 Matias & Araújo was authorized to use the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certificate. It is the worldwide textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed by independent certification throughout the textile supply chain.

High ecological and social requirements, as well as practicability and verifiability worldwide were considered in the review work in order to achieve a set of reliable and transparent criteria.

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Better Cotton Initiative

In June 2017, Matias & Araújo obtained authorization to use the Better Cotton Initiative certificate, becoming an official member in 2021. An initiative that exists to improve world cotton production, promoting environmental and social sustainability.

The Better Cotton Growth and Innovation Fund is a global program designed to support the Better Cotton Initiative in its goals of reaching five million farmers in key cotton-producing countries and having Better Cotton account for 30% of the world’s cotton production.

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council

FSC certification ensures that our forest products come from well-managed forests that offer environmental, social and economic benefits.
Obtaining FSC certification ensures that the entire value chain is certified and controlled. From forest managers to all companies involved in the respective value chain, including Matias & Araújo itself, it is evaluated for its good environmental, social and labor practices.

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A M&A é certificada RWS/GOTS/GRS/OCS. Somente os produtos cobertos por um certificado de transação válido são certificados RWS/GOTS/GRS/OCS.