New designs
Matias & Araújo


With a continuous vision of improving consumption and an ever-increasing environmental concern, Matias & Araújo created a Repreve line, made 100% of recycled materials intending to reduce waste.

New designs
Matias & Araújo


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Matias e Araújo presents its new collection of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE knits. This collection is based on a concern for the oceans and marine life. We bring together new designs, new structures, and a promising new vision.

Autumn Winter 2023
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Matias & Araújo is a company dedicated to production of circular knits for multiple global industries like fashion, sports, home textiles and automotive.

Although our “Focus” market is mainly the textile transformation industry, we have a design and technical R&D office with our own collection, this give us the possibility of creating products whit excellent quality and according to the requirements of customers.

It focus on technological innovation, quality, human development and environmental awareness.

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Commitment to a sustainable future

Production and sustainable design seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment, health and comfort of its users, thus improving the performance and characteristics of our product.

Matias & Araújo has a continuous commitment to technological innovation, quality, human development and environmental awareness, reflected in four essential areas described below.

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01. Eco internal system

With this advanced ecological system it is possible to reuse the energy generated by the heat of the machines, to clean the greenhouse gases, generating a 100% clean air emitted to the environment.

02. Solar energy

Powered by solar energy, M&A has the capacity to generate about 80% of its own energy, with a system of 2990 solar panels, which generate more than 752 KWh of clean energy.

03. Textile Recycling

All textile waste is separated and recycled. Matias & Araújo is committed to ensuring a sustainable life cycle for all of its textile waste.

04. Waste recycling

The interior of the company is equipped with recycling containers, for proper waste separation, in each department and office.